about Fabricat

At Fabricat we work from the enormous source of inspiration that nature offers us.

Especially when we change our perspective!

When we look at things from a different angle and distance, the meaning and feeling of shape, color and structure shift and special images arise.

Images that we convert into objects that enrich any interior.

FABRICAT | modest design

was founded by Jos Metselaar and Madieke Fleuren.

They both have a wide working area that they combine in both the development and the full realization of the designs of Fabricat.


is originally a designer (Academy of Modern Art Artez Arnhem) of, among other things, ceramics, of which and in particular her tableware could be admired in galleries and museums nationally and internationally.

Over the last 21 years, Madieke has developed into a restorer of antique globes with customers all over the EU.
However, she has always continued to develop design, based on the inspiration that nature and especially the plant world offers her.



followed a different path. Besides painting, writing, directing and photographing since his secondary school days, Jos has used his creativity in analyzing complex issues within many national and international organizations.

Also source of inspiration for Jos: the dynamics of natural reality.

For several years now, he has been combining his skills and ideas with those of Madieke in Fabricat’s studio in Nijmegen.