african bride I

The image of the African Bride I is powerful and fragile at the same time. A subtle combination of pride and vulnerability.

With each ShadowBox we place the dried material on a translucent background. We put this background together specifically on the basis of the natural material. Material and background are photographed at the same time.

With the African Bride we started from a painted background that enhances the strong as well as the vulnerable image of the flower.

< p>This also applies to the choice of color on the inside of the trim: deep yellow, yellow ocher, oxide red, ultramarine blue and white.

Measurements: 44.7 cm high, 30.6 cm wide and 4.4 cm deep.

The ShadowBox is certified standing or hanging version in a series of 3o copies.

Price: €575.00 (incl. VAT)

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