chessnut blossom (close 1)

The chesnut blossom, a familiar sight in spring, but take a closer look at this beautiful phenomenon.
After a special method of drying and pressing, the chestnut blossom reveals its specific colors and structures in close-up.

From these colors we designed the frame of the ShadowBox especially for the macro image of this blossom.
The frame is covered on the inside with colored paper and on the outside with white damask.

A uv-resistant varnish has been applied to the entire frame.

In the video (on the left) you can see that the ShadowBox comes out beautifully from both sides.

This ShadowBox has a size of 45 cm high and 30.3 cm wide and 4.4 cm deep. The base has a depth of 17.1 cm.

The object is issued in a limited series of 30 pieces.

Price: € 425.00