Christmas rose twins

This beautiful couple Christmas roses belongs together in their presentation.
Both flowers of the chrismas rose come from the same plant and were exposed and photographed under the same conditions. They are therefore linked in image and atmosphere and are not sold separately.

Due to their thin character, the images evoke the atmosphere of a finely painted still life.
The color palette is also reflected in the inside of the frame due to the mix of the colors mars violet and yellow ochre.

A uv-resistant varnish has been applied to the entire frame.

In the video (on the left) you can see that the ShadowBoxes come out beautifully from both sides.

The ShadowBoxes has both a size of 23,3 cm high and 16 cm wide and 4.4 cm deep. The base has a depth of 9,7 cm.

The combined object is issued in a limited series of 30 pieces.

Price for the both: € 425,00